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The Comrades Big Five Hills Series for Rhino Conservation CharityComrades Big Five Hills Series for Rhino Conservation
The Comrades Big Five Hills Series, is a project that has been undertaken to raise money for rhino conservation. It has been allied with the Comrades marathon, the iconic South African ultra-distance race between Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Colin Milliken, an artist from the Eastern Province, was commissioned to paint the Big Five Hills of Comrades using a series of photographs from aerial photographer Pete van der Spek. Each of the Big Five Comrades Hills: Polly Shortts, Botha’s, Field’s and Cowie’s Hill, all well known to anyone who has run the arduous route, will be signed by one of the five legendary Comrades runners. They are Dave Rogers, Frith van der Merwe, Jackie Mekler and Alan Robb. This watercolour depicts Inchanga and is signed by Bruce Fordyce. They have been packaged in a portfolio that gives some background information on both the hills and the runners. You will receive all five hills when you purchase a set.

All proceeds from the sale of the set of five prints, will go the Magqubu Ntombela Memorial Foundation and the Wildlands Conservation Trust, in aid of Rhino conservation. The Wildlands Conservation Trust, headed by Dr. Andrew Venter is also devoted to rhino conservation and the protection of the environment. It’s a Comrades endorsed charity and brings considerable expertise to the fund-raising endeavour. Find out more.


The Comrades Big Five Hills Series for Rhino Conservation Charity.


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