Colgate 32, 15 & 6 km

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Date: 07 May 2017
Time: 06h30
Organisers: Boksburg Athletic Club
Distance: 32; 15; 6
Province: Central Gauteng
Start: Boksburg City Stadium
Jubilee Road
Boksburg South
Race Changes 18 Apr 2017
  Primary Contact Email changed changed from to
Primary Contact Name changed changed from Race Secretary to Race Organiser.
Race Name changed changed from Colgate 32 km, 15 km & 6 km to Colgate 32, 15 & 6 km.
Race Date changed changed from 01/01/2017 to 07/05/2017.
Contact 1: Race Organiser
(W) 011-9173721 (09h00-12h00)
(F) 011-9174605
Entry Details:
Pre-entry Closing Date: 24 May 2017
Pre-entries are accepted for the 32 kilometre and 15 kilometre races only. Entries are available at local sports shops and certain races. The field is limited to 5,000 entrants.
Route Description:
Difficulty Rating: 3. Route Type: Lap
A two lap route that is mainly flat and easy. The race takes in parts of industrial Boksburg and includes a jog past the Colgate factory. There are a few rather long pulls, but overall a well-balanced and pleasant route.

Colgate 32 km
Prizes and Give-Aways:
All category winners receive cash prizes. Medals go to all finishers. There are sponsor’s products and T-shirts.
Course Records:
Name Time Year
Editor's Notes:
First held in 1980, this race is well attended by serious Comrades contenders. It is also an ideal event for novice runners, especially those looking to go beyond a half marathon. Walkers are welcome to enter the five kilometre race which starts at 07h00, strollers are also welcome. Walkers may participate in the 32 or 15 kilometre races provided you finish within the time limit.
Finishers: 4200 Time Limit: 04:30
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