SPAR Bela-Bela Marathon, Half & 10 km Women's

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Date: 11 November 2017
Time: 05h30
Organisers: Warmbaths Bela-Bela Marathon Club
Distance: 42.2; 21.1; 10; 5;
Province: Limpopo
Start: Hoërskool Warmbad
4 Swanepoel Street
Race Changes 12 Jun 2017
  Race Name changed changed from SPAR Bela-Bela Marathon, Half Marathon & 10 km Women's to SPAR Bela-Bela Marathon, Half & 10 km Women's.
Race Date changed changed from 01/01/2017 to 11/11/2017.
Contact 1: Neels Venter
(C) 082-6523518

Contact 2: Adel Oosthuizen
(W) 014-7364653
(C) 082-39122778
Entry Details:
Pre-entry Closing Date: 06 November 2017
Late entries are accepted at the start from 04h30.
Walkers are Welcome
Route Description:
Difficulty Rating: 3. Route Type: Out-and-back
All three distances follow the same route. The route is a reasonable challenge and once you get out of town you will find yourself on open country roads running past two local dams. Here the going does get a bit tricky as you slog it out with some hill work.
This is a marathon of contrasts. The first half is easy and could lull you into a sense of security, do not be fooled. As you run through the outskirts of suburban Bela-Bela brace yourself for the work to be done in the second half. In the second half you will climb almost 200 metres in only a few kilometres, here lies the challenge of this event. Good solid training, no doubt. Fish Eagle Bay is the highest point and a good place to pause and drink in Nature’s spectacle. Be careful on your way down, for the road is as tricky as it is steep. The final kilometre charge to the end is pleasant enough; even welcome after all the effort.

Bela-Bela Marathon
Half Marathon
The half marathon first goes through the morning bushveld on gravel roads and moderate hills as you run through Bell View. Before you get halfway you will find some easier running on tar, but this is a warning of the steep and strenuous climb to Fish Eagle Bay. Here at its highest point lies magic and spectacle. Stop, breathe and look around, the few seconds lost will be worth it. Be careful on your way down, for the road is as tricky as it is steep. There is a little tester with only two kilometres left, so be prepared to work a little here. Once over this it is an easy and fast canter to the finish line.

Bela-Bela Half Marathon
Prizes and Give-Aways:
Gold medals and prize money go to all category winners. Medals and goodie bags go to all finishers.
Course Records:
Name Time Year
Men 02:35:41 2008
Women 03:35:36 2008
Editor's Notes:
The race turns 26 years old in 2017 and what started out as a fun run has grown into one of Bela-Bela’s premier events.

Finishers: 900 Time Limit: 05:00
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