REHIDRAT® Sport , which is isotinic, is rich in essential electrolytes (sodium and potassium ) and carbohydrates (sucrose and dextrose), whihc are essential for the bosy's ability to absorb water. Being as isotonic drink, it assists in the movement of electrolytes and carbohydrates into the blood stream and speeds up the rate of water absorption, thereby taking care of dehydration 1.


In addition, REHIDRAT® Sport contains a carbohydrate that is essential for the process of water absorption in the body 2.  This carbohydrate is responsible for "switching-on" specific mechanisms in the body that allow for absorption of electrolytes or water.


REHIDRAT® Sport has an optimal combination of electrolytes to replace what was lost during sweating and is an ideal Oral Electrolyte Solution to keep you hydrated before, during and after exercisr, so that you are optimally hydrated to perform at your best.


REHIDRAT® Sportt is endorsed by Dan Hugo (4x Xterra SA Champion, 6 x Totalsports Challenge Champion) and Raoul de Jongh (6x Ironman finisther, 3 x Ironman World Championships qualifier)



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