Advance copies of 2019 Nedbank Runners’ Guide to Road and Off-road Races available online.

We are proud to announce RunnersGuide and The Sweat Shop are online partners. We are now taking orders for your advance copy of South Africa's best loved running publication - the Nedbank Runners’ Guide to Road and Off-road Races in South Africa.  Can't find a copy? Prefer online shopping? No problem, Jax has your signed copy, and he will deliver it to you.

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The Nedbank Runners’ Guide to Road and Off-Road Races in South Africa celebrates its 28th edition in 2019. This book has been around long enough and has been read by enough runners to earn its affectionate title, ‘The Runners’ Bible’. It is the essential guide for anyone who wants to do some running in 2019.

Tom Cottrell lists well over 850 races in the new guide. He researched all the old favourites, and they are there in detail, there are also a collection of new road and off-road runs with well over 300 new route profiles. All the essential information is there, date, time and venue. The contact details are comprehensive and well researched. In many instances the entry details are given. The course descriptions are comprehensive and a great number of races show route profiles, essential information when planning to run a good race.

Tom’s editor’s notes are informative as well. Some history of the race is given, as well as time limits and how many runners finished the race last year. This is publication goes a long way to fill any information gaps there may be in road running.

Now for the first time book is available online at The Sweat Shop.

Get your advance copy here  Order NOW and get R30.00 off your signed copy