Podcast Episode 17 - 16 July

By Manfred Seidler


16 July - Episode 17https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/aunty-colleen-mcnally-ms-road-running-sa-in-this-weeks-runnersguideradio-eps-17\

Aunty Colleen McNally - MS Road Running SA 

This week on RunnersGuideRadio. Described as Ms Road Running, the bustling figure of Colleen McNally is a familiar one at Road Races in Gauteng. A race referee, a time keeper a school teacher and the most active road running personality on Facebook. Who is Colleen McNally?It is developing into one of the most popular Half Marathons in the country. It is the Nelson Mandela Bay Half Marathon and has to be on your bucket list if you looking for a well organised Half Marathon. Find out more. 

25 June - Episode 16 -  https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/how-good-is-gerda-steyn-runnersguideradio-eps-16

Gerda Steyn ran one of the most remarkable ever races at the 2019 Comrades Marathon, taking almost 10 minutes off the previous record and became only the 4th lady ever to break 6 hours. She was the first to do it on the Up Run, clocking 5:58.53.But just how good is this performance. We spoke to two people in the know, former Comrades winner and coach of Gerda Steyn, Nick Bester and Comrades Coach, Lindsey Parry


11 June - Episode 15 - https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/comrades-special?fbclid=IwAR3npehdzZQ6d28v2ckUJEYBDQCskQBJn-_r594TsQvzq318faNTM2E-gao


A Comrades Special as it could only be. Catch exclusive interviews with the new champions Edward Mothibibi and the Queen of the Road Gerda Steynas they conquered the 2019 ComradesMarathon on this weeks RunnersGuideRadio


28 May - Episode 14 -  https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnerguideradio-eps-14

  • Modern Athlete Editor, Sean Falconer, discusses the #RunClean Campagn
  • CMA Race Director, Rowyn James addresses the issue of litter and hydration at the Comrades Marathon
  • And you are two weeks away from your biggest races and your shoes give out. What do you do? Footdoctor, Dennis Rehbock has your answers


22 May - Episode 13 - https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnersguideradio-eps13

This week Manfred talks about Caster Semenya to race 3000m in Prefontaine Classic

  •  FNB Cape Town 12 ONERUN Hat trick for Morris Gachaga
  • Comrades by the Numbers
  • Toyota Rush 10km road series launched


06 May - Episode 12 - https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnersguideradio-eps12

Another full show on RunnersGuideRadio

  • Trail Runner, Bennie Roux heads to the Gobi Desert for a 400km race
  • Eliud Kipchoge hunting Sub 2 again
  • And over R56million raised for Spinal Chord Injury research in Wings For Life World Run


01 May - Episode 11 - https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnersguideradio-eps-11

This week on RunnersGuideRadio

  • FNB CAPE TOWN 12 ONERUN announces big names
  • Kipchoge too strong in London
  • Louzane Coetzee qualifies for 2020 Paralympics
  • Rene Kalmer give valuable advice on how to tackle the Wings For Life Run...


22 April - Episode 10 -  https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnersguideradio-eps-10-1

  • We profile Eliud Kipchoge, arguably the greatest ever Marathon Runner
  • Wings4Life 2018 Winner, Admire Muzopambwa on why he runs the race
  • The Aftermath of the Two Oceans Marathon; have two of our main contenders left their Comrades Marathon Challenge in Cape Town


15 April - Episode 9 - https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnersguideradio-eps9

This week we focus on the 50th anniversary of the Two Oceans Marathon. Who to look out for? Will the record finally go? How will the race unfold.

We also look in with Sabie Mashego Lekota who we spoke to about her #RUNFORHER Campaign to create awareness of sexual abuse.


08 April - Episode 8 - https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnersguideradio-episode-8

This week Manfred catches up with the race director of Wings4Life, Renee Jordan who tells us where, when and why the 2019 edition will be taking place;

  • Sabie Mashigo Lekota is running for those who have been victims of sexual abuse, a truly gut wrenching story
  • The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon had their press launch on Thursday 4 April
  • Elroy Gelant scorched a 61:48 in the half marathon and has big plans for 2019


03 April - Episode 7 -  https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnersguideradio-episode-7

This week  features the following:


  • -Cancer Survivor Richard Right
  • The Worlds Toughest Marathon
  • A recap of the World Cross Country Championships
  • 5 tips with coach Nuno Thomas


25 March - Episode 6 - https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/eps-6

This week Manfred chats to David Gatebe, Comrades record holder for the 'Down' run in 2016 and still remains....

  • Is Botox the new wonder healing for Plantar Fasciates
  • Olympian Juan van Deventer
  • MyRun and alternative to parkrun


18 March - Episode 5 - https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnersguideradio-eps5

This week on RunnersGuideRadio Mandred touches base with:

  • Bruce Fordyce speaks to us about the success of the Park Runs
  • An interview with the GM of Comrades
  • The latest IAAF controversy


11 March - Episode 4 - https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnersguideradio-episode-4-1-2

This week Manfred Gerda Steyn speaks about her Two Oceans Marathon title defense and;

  •  Lesego Stephen Mokoka being third in Japan
  • Sean Mac Phee from SMaCpix the race photographer you find at most races today
  • What does it take to cover a race and if youre a foreign athlete, as you now know you now need permission from the National Federation to compete in races in South Africa


04 March - Episode 3https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnersguideradio-eps3

In this weeks Podcast Episode 3 of RunnersGuideRadio, Manfred covers the following articles. 

  • New IAAF Rankings
  • Rene Kalmer makes Ultra debut athe Two Oceans Marathon
  • Race Update - bring you all the qualifying races leading up to the Two Oceans Marathon
  • Asics launch their latest shoe
  • The Running Mann - runs a marathon every weekend 


25 February - Episode 2https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runners-guide-radio-episode-2

This week Manfred touches base with Charne Bosman, on her race focus for the Deloitte Marathon.  

Safety tips by Nuno Thomas. 

Dennis Rehbok, the foot doctor guru, gives you a run down on how to take care of your feet, no matter what distances you race or run in training prep for your race.

Also the amazing one legged legend superman Xolani Lulvuno.

Coach Parry also gives a talk on Hyponatreamia.  Are you one of those, can you overhydrate?  Then listen to this Coach Parry's to gain tips on not to overhydrate at races. 


Runners' Guide launches RUNNERSGUIDE RADIO today with Manfred Seigler

18th February - Episode 1 - https://soundcloud.com/sportmansa/runnersguide-radio-episode-1

A weekly road running Podcast that covers all things you as the road runner want to know about. Which races are coming up; what to know about the races; we will speak to 'influencers' of road running, be they elite athletes or simply those who are using running to make a difference in the world of road running in South Africa.

If you have any health issues - we will address those. Nutrition, training; injuries, what is the correct shoe for you to wear? All will be addressed on RunnersguideRadio.

This week we touch on the IAAF/Caster Semenya saga that lies with the Court of Arbitration from today till Friday 22 February. We ask Olympian  Christine Kalmer 20 questions. Running the Maritzburg City Marathon? Race Director John Hall tells you all you need to know from Parking to Race Registration and what to expect on Race Day. Worried about your feet? South Africa's leading podiatrist Dennis Rehbok gives us the low down on how to take care of those assets.