All systems go for 2019 Comrades Marathon Substitution Process

The 2019 Comrades Marathon Substitution Process has officially opened today (1.3.2019). This effectively means that aspirant Comrades Marathon runners who were unable to enter the 2019 Comrades Marathon during the official entry period late last year may still have a chance to be part of The Ultimate Human Race on Sunday, 9 June 2019.

The process runs for an extra two weeks this year, having opened today and closing on Monday, 15 April 2019. The Substitution Process allows for a runner who has not entered to substitute an entrant who has withdrawn or intends to withdraw from the 2019 Comrades Marathon.

Athletes intending to submit Substitution application forms are advised to visit the official Comrades Marathon website at www.comrades.com for the downloadable forms and the comprehensive list of rules and regulations which govern the Substitution process.

Substitutions can only take effect on a like for like basis, meaning SA runners can only substitute for SA entrants, Rest of Africa (ROA) for other ROA runners and International runners for International entrants.

Prospective substitutes are encouraged to do their applications online. Alternatively, they may send their completed applications via email to sub@comrades.com or hand deliver them to Comrades House in Pietermaritzburg. Please do not post forms.

The completed application forms as specified in the Substitution Rule must reach the CMA office by 15 April 2019. There will be no extension of this deadline and no postal applications will be accepted. The cost of the Substitution application is R300,00.